Support for Partners of "Sex Addicts"/Betrayed Partners of problematic Sexual Behaviors

What Is Infidelity?

"...a breach of trust, a BETRAYAL of relationship, a breaking of agreement" (Pittman, 1989).

Betrayed Partners of "Sexual Addiction" (Problematic Sexual Behavior)

Discovering you are a Partner of someone with "Sexual Addiction" (Problematic Sexual Behavior), or Emotional Dependency can be disorienting and terrifying. Your sense of safety with your partner and trust in the world vanishes. Your spirituality and esteem may be crushed. You are not alone!

I’ve been professionally trained in the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model to treat Partners of those with "Sexual Addiction" (Problematic Sexual Behaviors) and Emotional Dependency. From this trauma-informed perspective, I support Partners as they begin to pick up the pieces of their lives and heal from this most intimate Betrayal Trauma. Betrayal Trauma is the “violation by someone relied or depended on for safety, security, etc.” (Freyd, 1996, 2006). I help address the impact of "sex addiction" on the partner, "addict", partnership, and family system. I help educate Partners on what "Sexual Addiction" (Problematic Sexual Behaviors) is, how to get grounded during this time, learn to trust, and value themselves again. When appropriate, I implement Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), with a focus on attachment trauma, in effort to help slow down your physiological upsets.